Agriculture et Certifications

The conversion to organic agriculture started in 1992, under the label « Nature & Progrès », controlled by Ecocert. This initiative seems important to me, as respecting nature, plants and hence the human-being while making wine, enables you to keep in harmony with the Laws of Creation. Today, the AB logo has replaced that of “Nature & Progrès”.
When working organically, it is no longer a question of exploiting, but rather working in collaboration with the land. Moreover, special care is taken concerning microbic life, its development and its well-being, thanks to mechanical airing of the soil and the addition of compost. It is the micro-organisms which then nourish the vine by bringing not only the essential nutrients, but also the notes of the vineyard.
Thus, we find ourselves faced with an internal alchemy which is beyond us all.
The addition of chemical fertilisers puts the vine on a drip. The roots develop on the surface and the goodness of the vineyard is reduced.
Organic wines are touching : they have a soul, an inner strength. They may seem more reserved at first as they are less showy, however the pleasure they bring delights those who drink them.
The estate of medium size measures 4 Hectares 50, divided into 14 vineyards located around Eguisheim. This enables us to favour the quality of our work and our care of the vines.
After 15 years of organic farming, we can say that producing organic wine brings us closer to the rhythm of nature, with slower and more demanding techniques.
We are conscious that it is not possible to go too far too fast without losing part of the plant's potential and in fact, that of the wine itself.

The land : the wines originate from clay-limestone soil.
The clay brings longevity to the wine and the limestone brings finenesse.
EICHBERG : favoured land for Riesling. The large proportion of active limestone gives a mineral nature and a touch of citrus fruit to the wine originating from these vineyards.
PFERSIGBERG : this Grand Cru status land exhales Gewurztraminer. These wines are well-balanced, fine, aromatic and have a long finish.
The wines originating from these 2 Grand Cru status vineyards have a 10 year ageing potential.
Our neighbours: various tendencies : some practice reasoned methods, others organic, however, most of them follow conventional wine-making methods.
However, a difference can be seen between organic vineyards and the others. The soil presents a better microbic life and the leaves have a silkier touch with more relief.
The grapes have a more pronounced taste and do not contain any chemical residues. The vines are serene and lively.

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